Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Garden Update


After taking a splendid class on the care of citrus trees, I spent Sunday afternoon pruning our Meyer Lemon tree. We'd had what for California was a rather cold winter, and there was a good deal of deadwood to remove.   The lemon tree is just starting to bloom, and it looks like we have the potential for loads of lemons.  Our next door neighbors have a different variety of lemons, and their tree is full of fruit.  They gave us a bowlful of lemons, and in return we gave them some of our newly harvested honey.

The Scarlet Runner Beans are starting to clamber up their poles.  Robb tore apart some copper phone wire, and made springy collars for the bean plants and poles.  If we don't guard against snails, we'll lose all the plants.

This photo really isn't any good, but it will be fun to look back later in the season, and marvel at how tiny the plants were.

One of our cherry trees is blooming.  The purchase of this plant was a Rookie Mistake.  I bought this tree from a very nice woman who told me it was a Lapin Cherry.  What it actually turned out to be was Inedible Rootstock.  The tree produced a massive crop of microscopic cherries that tasted worse than any fruit I'd ever eaten. 

Oh well, that means that I don't have to feel any remorse about using this as a grafting tree. 

The Cymbidium Orchids just keep going and going.  The ones I bought at the estate sale started blooming in early February, and are still glorious. 

These particular plants came from Fiori D'Amore, a private orchid grower, just up the hill from our house.  I paid real money for these, and have no regrets about my purchases.

The recent rains have triggered the growth of all sorts of mushrooms.  These delicate beauties are quite large, and entirely ephemeral.  I took these photos in the morning, and by lunchtime they had already shriveled up to nothing.  You can see why people thought there was a connection between mushrooms and the fairies. The delicacy of these mushrooms is entirely magical.

So how about you?  Are you growing anything at the moment?  If you want to read what other gardeners are up to, Daphne hosts a fascinating weekly round-up of garden bloggers.  Click here to see what everyone is up to.


diary of a tomato said...

Lovely photos that remind me that not all is covered in snow!

Trees Planet said...

Lemon flower is looking so beautiful. Your garden also very nice.


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