Sunday, January 19, 2014

Needed: A Pep Talk, A Hug, and A Beer.


not how things look at our house

I'm taking a quick break from working on our bathroom, to eat a bite of lunch, and to send out a plea for a positive word.

Our dear friend Erica arrives for a week-long visit tonight.  Robb and I have been trying to get our bathroom tidied, but even after a week with my head wedged beside the toilet, I don't think it looks appreciably better.  It looks different, sure.  Instead of looking like a wreck, it looks like a construction site.

Today is about the prettiest day imaginable, and I've spent the entire time in the bathroom.

Please send sympathy, and beer.


Rabid Quilter from CA said...

Anyone who's spent any time with their head wedged beside a toilet, something I guarantee you'll NEVER find me doing, can use that for an excuse for ANYthing. I suspect this visitor is a dear friend who knows you both well and would forgive any suggestion of inconvenience.
BTW: my darling husband spent almost an hour with toilet-head-and-body wedging recently attempting to remove a baby bunny who'd been maimed by our cat and crawled into a recess there to breathe its last. It involved a carefully bent coat hanger, gouged fur and quite a bit of gore :-P

Ayse said...

I send you the finest beer to be had from a weird little crevice in my crawlspace, where I am solving geometrical problems with waste line. On this lovely day.

K said...

I think it's exciting staying in a home with the bathroom under renovation. It screams, "industry!" Your guests will immediately feel the security of staying in a home with such conscientious hosts. After all, if you take such intricate care of old tile boards... :)

sarcasmo said...

As creative as you are, I'm sure your friend will appreciate all the work you have completed. That and a pint of your homemade brew with some delicious homemade food will make everything look shiny :) You're an inspiration, keep doing the things you do! Actually reading your blog is a lot like reading Peter Mayle's A Year In Provence. I LOVED that series. Happy painting!


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