Meanwhile, Back in the Bathroom...


After a weekend of scraping Robb and I have gotten most of the scabby paint off of our walls.  I hate to think how many hours I spent, picking paint out of the sculpted spaces between our plaster "tiles."  If I hadn't become an artist, I might have made a career as a dental hygienist.  Or art conservator.  Or something.

The next phase of the project is patching the plaster "tiles" that have been damaged.  I'm using a mixture that I affectionately call "schmoo."  We use a variety of schmoos in scenic painting, to create or eradicate textures.  In this case, I'm using a recipe of joint compound, white latex paint, and flexible white glue.  I'm taping off individual tiles, and applying the schmoo with a soft kitchen spatula.  I'm applying an incredibly thin layer, as smoothly as I can manage.  Robb will sand my repaired tiles tomorrow while I'm at work, and hopefully this layer of schmoo will go a long way toward disguising the cracks and smashes in our elderly walls.

I suppose it's worth mentioning that while I'm smoothing out walls at home, I'm texturing walls at work.  As usual, I'm the Sisyphean Painter.


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