Thursday, December 26, 2013

Stripping in the Bathroom


Now that Christmas is over, Robb and I are trying to get a big chunk of work done on our bathroom which is currently the worst room in our house.  The photo above is how it looked when we moved in.

Before we even moved in, Robb adapted the tub so that it functioned as a proper shower.

Last winter, we painted the walls and ceiling above the "tile" trim.  Other than that, we've done our best to ignore this room.

Like most houses of this era, the bathroom is microscopic. It's very difficult to take any photographs in this room, because the space is so tight.

You can see the buttery color we picked for our walls.  We bought paint formulated for the fluctuations in temperature and humidity typical of a bathroom.  In just over a year, this paint has started to fail.  It is shrinking and cracking, and I'm pretty demoralized about the whole situation. 

Robb has been picking away at the paint for a while.  I meant to get some work done, prior to Xmas, but I had both a stomach flu and a pulled muscle in my neck.  Today, I start stripping paint, in earnest.  Robb and I are going to try to get this bathroom repainted quite quickly.  There are all sorts of other things we'd like to do in this room, but for now, those projects are just going to have to wait.

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