Tuesday, October 29, 2013



Our kitchen is dressed up for Halloween, in some sort of ghostly splendor.

Since the bulk of the old paint has been scraped off of the over-the-counter cabinets, we've moved on to sanding.  Or more accurately, Robb has been sanding. I thought it would be nice to go out for lunch, since our kitchen was in such disarray.  And I ate something that instantly disagreed with me, sending me straight to bed with nausea. I conked out, and slept right through an afternoon of sanding noise.  Crazy.

Today, I'm dragging as many of the doors and drawers as will fit in my car in to my studio, and will start priming them.  I've got way more room at work.  There's significantly less dust, more sawhorses, and fewer pussycats.

Robb built a portable work platform, since he can't really use ladders.  He's a smart one, that Robb!

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Anne Bonny said...

Even though your stove is shrouded in mystery, I find myself a little in love with it! Sorry you were sick and hope you're feeling better, really enjoy seeing the progress you guys are making on the kitchen.


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