Sunday, September 29, 2013

What's New on the Needles?

The Fair-Isle Jumper, by Stanley Cursiter, 1923.

 Sir Henry Lander's painting of the Prince of Wales, 1922.

Girl in Fair Isle pullover, 1930s.

 Jessie Rattar holding a bird chick.  

Man and woman on Norton motorcycle. Woman wearing allover Fair Isle jumper. 

 Woman, wearing Fair Isle patterned tunic style jumper with OXO patterning.
Most of these images are from the Shetland Museum's Archives.

I love pattern.  

No really.  I truly, profoundly love pattern.  I find it thrilling to the extent that I almost never talk about it because if I did, I would quickly become as glassy-eyed and tedious as any other fanatical zealot.  

Leave me alone with some simple geometric shapes, and I'll lose myself in their mysteries for hours.

And for quite some time, I've been thinking about the patterns in traditional Fair Isle knitwear.  I've had this crazy idea about making a garment for myself, entirely dyed with local plants, and knit in the Fair Isle style.

I've been working on this, casually, for some time now.  Collecting the dye materials.  Growing the dye materials. Dyeing the yarn.  Pouring over images of traditional motifs.  I knit a preliminary swatch some time back which wasn't quite right.  This weekend, I finally got serious about this project (and admittedly, I was also a bit stymied by my Other Big Project), and so I cranked out this test swatch.

Here's what the back looks like.  I'm really pleased with it, and intend to write a blog post about the process of dyeing all the yarn.

I think this project will simmer on the back burner for a while, until I finish up the Other Big Project.  It's exciting to have something so fun, next in line.


Anne Bonny said...

You...are.a.yarn.GOD! So impressed!

heidi said...

now I'm really looking forward to read more about this sweater to be:)

Stefaneener said...

I really like it. I'd like to tell you about my semi-traumatic dyeing workshop some time. Stranded knitting just rocks. You're going to have a total heirloom.

cath said...

Love the look--and the whole ideal. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

Anonymous said...

How lovely!

Snowcatcher said...

Gorgeous! Love the colors, the swatch, and all the Fair Isle inspiration!


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