Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What Ever happened to That Sweater?


I'm still plugging away at this sweater. I've finished the main body of the garment. I still have to cut open the "steek" and knit a neckband, a button band, and the bottom ribbing. 

At the moment, I'm working on the sleeves. In order to have symmetrical color transitions, I'm knitting them both at once, as one large tube.  The striped section is the "steek" where I'll cut the knitting when I go to assemble the finished garment.

I've swapped the foreground and background color.  I've also added a little length into the pattern repeats, inserting one stitch at the top and bottom of each diamond motif.  I think this will add interest to the project.

I feel like I've been working on this forever, but that's really because this summer was so hectic, that I didn't have as much down time as I would have liked.  Darn that pesky employment, anyway.  Always getting in the way of one's knitting.


kristin said...

I want to pin that image to my Patterns section on Pinterest; the colors and patterns of your sweater are amazing and the fabric it's resting on is great too!

dianesteelequilts said...

Really a work of art, LIsa!

MommaWriter said...

I'm blown away by just how beautiful your sweater is going to be. The inspiration won't hold a candle to your new creation!



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