Friday, September 27, 2013

Thanks To You, We Ride!


Here's a sweet little video that sums of why Robb and I raise money to support BORP (The Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program).  This woman has been paralyzed for over thirty years, and is enjoying cycling for the first time since her accident. Look how much fun she's having!  She's riding one of the many (many!) specially adapted cycles that BORP has at its cycling center. 

It wasn't so very long ago that Robb and I were doing this exact same ride, on wheels that BORP provided.  Since then, Robb has cycled about five thousand miles.  Not bad for a paralyzed guy, huh?

Serious, we cannot thank everyone enough for helping us support the great work that BORP does for people with disabilities -- kids, veterans, seniors, all kinds of folks participate in BORP's programs.

While we're deeply grateful for the larger gifts, I can tell you that I'm particularly touched by how many people gave ten or twenty bucks.  Every little bit helps!

And, hey!  It's not to late to help out.  Click here for the link.  (This is good for credit card of paypal.)

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