Monday, September 16, 2013


If you've been following us for a while, you know our annual cycling event to benefit BORP is coming up.  Each autumn for the past 6 years we join a special group of people to support sports and recreational activities for young people with disabilities.  We ride over several courses through the beautiful landscapes of Sonona County, California, each according to our abilities.

There are Paralympian medalists, triathletes, world-class cyclists and local cycle clubs who will ride all day to cover a hundred kilometers.  There are casual bike riders and handcyclists, recumbent trikers, visually impaired riders on tandems, all of us struggling to reach a personal goal of 25 or 50 miles.  There are children and adults cranking or pedaling or pushing whatever wheels they've got to cover the ten mile ride.  This is the great thing about BORP: They can get nearly anybody moving and participating.

This year will be a little extra challenging for us.  We've been busy and had little time to properly prepare or even fundraise.  Somehow we always rise to the occasion, though.  Are we ready? My answer, as always, is "We will be because we need to be."

Is it all worth it?  I have no doubt.  I have one statistic about this program that resounds deeply with me: 28% of disabled Americans drop out of high school, and of those who graduate only 20% manage to get a college degree. By contrast, 100% of BORP participants have graduated from high school in the past eleven years, and 80% either have university degrees, or are in college now.

Please, please please. Help us raise $1,000 in the next TWELVE DAYS. Every little bit helps.
Just click on the picture on the sidebar.  After that you can contribute via credit card or Paypal.



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