Friday, March 01, 2013

If there's a bustle in your henhouse, don't be alarmed now.


As the days get longer, egg production is almost back at full capacity.  Goofy Lydia eschews the row of nest boxes, and hollows out a crater-like nest in the litter.  From what I've read, chickens tend to lay one egg every 26 hours, meaning that egg-time shifts from day to day.

Yesterday, the entire flock decided they needed to be in the henhouse at the same time.  When Robb built the coop, he gave the birds plenty of nest-boxes.  But for some reason, only one of them is popular with our birds.

While Lydia nestled meekly in her scooped-out depression, Harriet and Anne Elliot clambered all over each other in one of the nest boxes.  I'd move one of them over to an empty space, and they'd indignantly march back into the Only Acceptable Box.  It's pretty amusing to see two gigantic hens crammed into such a small space.

Isabella (the white bird) seems on the verge of laying.  She had to get in on the action too. 

Poor little Lydia hunkered down while everyone else strutted and fussed.  (She's behind Harriet's ample booty, in the corner of the henhouse.)  An when she finally popped out her egg, she spent the next half hour loudly announcing that fact to the entire neighborhood.


Our hens are goofballs.


Hosmers said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog over the past year, though I haven't posted a comment yet. We got chickens right around the same time last year (March). My girls do the same thing. At first it was a certain nest box all 6 would use. Then they moved to a corner outside of the nestbox. Now they switch between that corner and another one under their roost. Unfortunately I lost 2 of mine over the past year, one to illness and one to a dog. We decided to get 6 more chicks, so I get to experience all the chick fun all over again. Anyway, thanks for writing such a great blog.

Colyn said...

I love your hens! It's been a fantasy for a long time to have chickens in our back yard, but I'm pretty sure that while our dogs wouldn't kill them, they'd never stop barking at them. How funny that they have such cute personalities!


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