I've only got a moment to post an update about how the BORP fundraising ride went, so I'm going to let this photo sum things up, for the moment.

We rode along this amazing team for most of the event.  Their spirit and joy brought smiles to everyone they encountered. 

This kind of life-affirming exuberence is why I love living in the Bay Area.  Sure, some folks think we're all a bunch of weirdos, out here in Northern California.  I like to think that we spend our energy being happy, rather than dwelling on negativity.  If your child can't walk, and needs help pedaling his hand-cycle up the hills, is that going to stop you?  HELL NO!!!!!  Put on your happiest colors, tie a rope to his trike, keep a smile on your face, and don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't do what you want.


Kaaren said…
Love it!

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