Friday, July 06, 2012

The Painters Repaint


I'm on vacation from my work as a theatrical scenic painter, so what are Robb, my co-workers and I doing?

We're painting our house.

The plan is to paint as much as we can reasonably reach, and then pay someone else to finish the job.  Do you see all those pointy rafter tails running under our roof?  I have no interest in painting them.  No interest whatsoever.  I learned this about myself when I painted the garage rafter tails.  Blerrrgh.  What a rotten task.

Overall, our house is in very good condition.  Any loose paint was scraped off before the house was sold.  We still have to scrub the walls, patch any holes or "holidays" and sand the patching spackle.  It's not hard work, but it is dirty and rather tedious.

We're circling around the house during the day, trying to stay out of the blinding sun.

Notice the lovely gate that Robb built for our fence.  He made every part of it, including custom-cutting the pickets.  (I think the color scheme on the fence detracts from the pickets, and puts too much emphasis on the horizontals which are not the major design feature.  Thoughts?)

As always, the Supervisory Committee is hard at work. 

It's interesting to see the previous house colors.  I'm not sure if all of these layers represent actual house paint, or if some of this is primer.

We picked a color that would -- hopefully -- coordinate with the neighbors' houses.  As you can see, we're snuggled closely together, in our little neighborhood.  We wanted an old-fashioned color, that wasn't too extreme.

Oddly enough, Robb discovered that our house color, Benjamin Moore's Wythe Blue is the 2012 Color of the Year, whatever that means.


Michelle said...

I've got one of those supervisory committees also, although the chair has only 2 legs. Once in a while one of the members makes himself useful by killing a rodent. I wonder how the gate would look if you painted the "finials" on the slats (for lack of the proper term) the same color as the rails? It's all looking great. I wish one of my committee members was as handy as Robb.

Anonymous said...

What if you switch the fence colors? White on the vertical? Just a thought, or all same color?

Stefaneener said...

You're such trendy folks! It's a nice blue; you're right about the pickets, and sheesh, you guys work hard. Looks nice.

Anonymous said...

The gate is so pretty that you might consider going bold with the paint. What about something that will go with the brick on the chimney?

~Traveling Garden Gnome

ASL Girl said...

Thanks for the update Lisa!!! Glad to see you have a hard-working Supervisory Committee!


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