Sunday, July 08, 2012

Paint Progress


Considering that much of our house looks something like this, we're very pleased with the progress we've made with the painting.

Here's the front, with Urban Tiger Smog on patrol.  The lower section, below the moulding was all replaced when the contractors incompetent monkeys ripped off the original old-growth redwood siding.  Robb and I (mostly Robb) spent the better part of a year scraping and re-painting the replacement  boards.

Once we get the painting done, I'm going to plant fruit trees all around the house.  I've got baby trees in pots, just waiting to go in the ground.

Here's a view of the back of the house.  What an improvement!  Next week, I'm going to have an actual vacation week, and we probably won't work on the house much.  And then we'll be back to scraping, spackling and painting.

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Anonymous said...

We are going to plant an espalier peach tree right by the barn, but I have to seriously dig a hole in heavily packed dirt first. That is going to suck- they are really god trees to plant right by the side of a wall or building when you want fruit trees in a small space-



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