Still Waters Run Deep


Play this video, all the way through. It's quite amazing what the artist, Riusuke Fukahori, is doing to create the illusion of dimension.

It's almost like he's a three-dimensional printer.

And honestly, I can't see how he's managing the edges of his paintings.

For the record, he's not the first person to paint with a broom. (A mop holds more paint.)


Celia Hart said…
Thank you for posting this. It's mesmerizing!

BTW I used to paint stage backdrops with brooms!

Dawnmarie said…
Some people have such amazing talent. Thank you for sharing that. Now I want one of those for the house. What a conversation piece that would be!
spencer said…
Wow! I wonder how many layers of the fish he's painting.
Amber said…
totally incredible! Thanks for sharing =o)
Stunning! Thanks, Lisa

Barbara R said…
So cool! I love the resin technique.
Phenomenal. My little brain had to watch the video twice, and still couldn't believe it. The finished resin fish look so real, that to see them you'd assume he'd entombed real fish in lucite. It's amazing how he's able to make them look so life like. I'm officially mind-blown.

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