Barking up the Wrong Tree


Robb and I bought a lovely Christmas tree this weekend.

For some reason I'm worried about the
safety of our vintage glass ornaments.


Chris G. said…
I remember the beautiful Christmas wall swag you had in your Baltimore apartment.
The swag of evergreens was definitely kitty-proof.

Robb really wants actual trees at Xmas time. I'm less traditional, but it means a lot to Robb, and he assures me he's going to secure the tree so the cats can't rip it down.
Anne Bonny said…
bwhahahahha Awesome pic! What could possibly go wrong with a LIVE tree in the house and shiny ornaments on it? I don't see where anything could POSSIBLY go wrong there! hahah

What are those fruits on the tree?
torirot said…

We go our Christmas tree this weekend too.

Merry Christmas!
Anonymous said…
The first year we had a christmas tree in our apt in Baltimore we had a few ornaments on it, and it was incredibly interesting to the cats. We stuck with bells as decorations, and tied them on the tree quite securely. Then every time the cats swatted at the tree we got a little musical performance!

Oh my, that's adorable. Well, if you're too worried about your vintage glass ornaments, you could always decorate your holiday tree in persimmons ;)
Stefaneener said…
No kidding. I still wonder if we are tempting fate.
Maybe they will do the inside/outside distinction.
Anonymous said…
You might try tieing it to your wall. I had to do that with my kitty. He actually pulled down the tree when he was 6 months old.

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