It's time once again for us to start preparing for our annual fundraising ride for BORP. That's the Bay Area Outreach Recreation Program–– an organization providing recreation activities for children with disabilities. Next month we'll be joining a multitude of riders, of all abilities, to tackle 25 very hilly miles.

This is such an inspiring event. We get to ride alongside elite cyclists on two wheels and paraplegic handcyclists on three (riding their 100-mile course); blind cyclists on tandems; Paralympic Medalists; children and adults with a range of abilities who may or may not be able to finish the 10-mile course they're on (but, by gum, they're gonna try). And then there are the scores of people like us who are pushing the edges of their abilities every time.

Each year, arriving at the finish line, we have such a strong feeling of accomplishment–– not only from having met the challenge, but also from the knowledge that by supporting these warm, wonderful people, we are doing something meaningful and important.

We hope that you will join us this year as we try to raise $1,000 to keep BORP rolling.


Good for you guys! What a fun way to fund raise. Good luck.
ji said…
Just donated! I know it is not a huge amount, but hope it helps. I used to work with children, so stuff like this is near to my heart. Plus, it is a local org. :-) Good luck!

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