Home Sweet Home


Slowly, slowly Robb and I are working on our house. We've been going to estate sales, from time to time, and this weekend we brought home a few gems.

This oak display table was a happy find. I suspect that it was sold as a flat-pack kit some time in the early 20th Century. You thought Ikea invented this? Apparently not. Here's a link to photos from a catalog of Mission/Arts and Crafts furniture company, selling flat-packed furniture as far back as 1907.

Whoever originally put the kit together didn't do a very good job, so Robb ever-so-carefully took the table apart and re-assembled it. It's odd to be repairing decades old slap-dashery.

We also found another vintage jug, to add to our modest collection. The solid green jug sits well with its companions.

I re-arranged our jugs, and need to glue them back in place with Museum Wax. In earthquake country, fragile antiques need to be secured.

It only took two years to find a lampshade for our bathroom. At least I didn't have to conk myself on the head to get this one.

And yeah, the walls are still not painted. What can I say? I paint all day long, and am not terribly motivated to scrape paint off my ceilings when I get home from work.

Also, I suck.

Speaking of sucking, we've made damn sure that we'll have a vampire-free kitchen. If the home-grown garlic doesn't deter vampires, we'll fight 'em off with antique sheep-sheers and the world's most vicious cheese-grater.

We were delighted by these cans that once held local honey. The Desert Bloom is from Fresno, and the Floradale was packaged right here in Oakland.

After a day at the estate sales, Robb concluded that he and I have the aesthetic sensibilities of eighty-year-old rich people. What can I say? I'm a very young Little Old Lady.


BOOTY said…
I seem to have the same taste in decor, I like old things. If I can't get old things, I make them. Which is why I am currently involved in a project to make new, very large doilies from vintage patterns to put in my living room.

Carolina said…
That table is really cool. I've never seen anything like it. Also love your collection of jugs.
Gah! That reminds me...I still need to braid my garlic! :P Love the local honey cans, and the bathroom lamp shade is gorgeous!
Kurious Jo said…
We have a grater just like that - it's our main grater. I suppose it's an antique but it comes in handy when you want macro pieces or have lack of patience (who me?). ;-)
Anonymous said…
That log cabin quilt is lovely too!

Lisa said…
What's odd about this grater is how *gigantic* the holes are. They must be a centimeter across.

What would that be used for, we wonder?
Kristen said…
Any idea what constitutes "fancy" honey? If it's anything like fancy ketchup it's full of high-fructose corn syrup, but somehow I doubt it.
Kristin said…
What fun to attend estate sales together for awesome finds. Your home is looking great. Antiques have quality and character going for them don't they? I love 'em too.
Anne Bonny said…
I love your decorating! I never seem to be able to find anything cool like that around here, or maybe I just don't have the same talent for spotting cool things, that you do :)
Karen Anne said…
Sheep shears...we used to have a tool like that for hand edging in the yard...

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