A Bit of Birthday Fun


In celebration of his birthday, Robb and I are headed out of town for a little getaway.

We learned our lesson years ago, and won't be bringing cameras kayaking. You'll just have to imagine us, paddling down-river in wine country.

You are also invited to imagine our tough-guy neighbors, our burglar alarm, and our fearsome pussycats all guarding our house.


Anonymous said…
The picture of you two tell a story! Happy Birthday!
Anonymous said…
The picture of you two tells a story....happy birthday!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday! You both look so happy and you deserve a get-away!

Stefaneener said…
Not even with a dunk bag? : )

You look as though you're really enjoying yourselves.
Goofy girl said…
Happy Birthday!
Jessica said…
Happy birthday, and what a wonderful photo of a lovely couple.
Cinderellen said…
It's good to see you are getting out for a bit of fun. I can sympathize with the kayak + camera issue :-(
Yolanda said…
Oh Lisa!

What a gorgeous picture! Happy Birthday Robb!

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