Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Butterfly in the World


I was having one of those bad days at work. Nothing really horrible was going on, but for some reason I was failing to rise above the day's petty annoyances.

However, all of my grumpiness faded away when I received a photograph on my phone from Robb. Another butterfly had hatched out. (These are not the photographs in question.)

Today is cold and overcast, and the butterfly seems disinclined to fly. We tried setting her loose, but she just hunkered down on our fennel. We read that butterflies become quiescent at night and on cloudy days. Because she was so big and showy and not moving at all, I was worried that she'd end up as a Scrub Jay's dinner. So for tonight, we've moved her back into the safety of the enclosed tank. We'll set her free in the morning.

Nothing like a newly emerged butterfly to put everything into perspective.


Janette said...

Oh how beautiful! I have not seen a butterfly in years.

Carolina said...

How beautiful! Fresh butterflies are so lovely and magical. It's true that butterflies prefer warm and sunny weather.

Shawn said...

Our Tiger Swallowtail butterfly hatched last night. We've had Monarch butterflies before, but this is our first Tiger. We visited a butterfly farm in Westford, MA a couple of weeks ago and picked up two cocoons. I don't think the other one made it (which they replace). He/She is so beautiful. If it is sunny tomorrow, we will release it.

They always improve the day!

The Mischievous Four

Marg said...

What a way to turn a day around!


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