Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Cat's Life


Our kitty Smog, who we once thought so injured that he would never be able to jump, has been amusing himself by racing up and down the plum tree.

Unlike Cardigan, he's not hunting. He's just got more energy than any of us know what to do with. The backyard boys and Linguine seem to find Smog pretty annoying, because all he wants to do is play Chase Me. Smog's internal monologue goes along these lines:

"CHASEME CHASEME CHASEME CHASEME !!! Okay, now I chase you. I'm ... sneaking ... up ... on ...you ... Sneeeeeeeeeeaking... Sneeeeeeeeeeaking... Sneeeeeeeeeeaking... I'm gonn-nn-nn-nna pounce. OH BOY! Now you chase me! Hey, is that a string? OH BOY! I'd better chase that! The Mean Lady is growling at me again. I think she needs me to chase her. OH BOY! CHASEME CHASEME CHASEME CHASEME !!!"

Being chased around the garden by a crazed teenager interrupts important napping obligations.

We find him hilarious, although I wish he hadn't developed the habit of biting my toes.

Linguine is disgusted by all of this.


Anonymous said...

Love your posting about the cats! Our one kitten (now a cat) was a real hell raiser when younger. We called her Buckley, then Buckethead, till we settled on Buster, because THAT CAT is a real ball-Buster-type.

Its tough cat act also comes from having lots of energy, a hunger for nibbling toes and chewing on hair when you sleep, and its special talent is running so fast that the human eye can only register a blur.

Carolina said...

Smog looks a bit like a lynx. Love those ear hairs!

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Too cute! Even if the others don't want to play 'chase me', I still think Smog is adorable, especially with his ear hair that's long enough to put up in curlers ;)

Kristen said...

Yaaay for the Smoggy update! Teddy went through a similar name development: the vet has him registered as Teddy, but he went through "Ted" and Ted-Ster before we settled into calling him Teddy Monster because frankly he was a ball of insatiable energy. Now he goes outside for days on end and only comes home to check in and take a nap, really--while Teddy isn't a teenager any more he's still a nut. Teens make for lousy lap-cats, but they're always funny!

Anonymous said...

I think Smog is in that tree saying "Wow, how did I get so lucky to have crossed paths with Lisa and Rob". Every single day he jumps for joy!!


Bungalow Boxer said...

Love the Smog stories!

I especially love the pic of him in the tree with the long hair coming out of his ears. My husband's cat, Kitty, which he had for 15 years, had long hair coming out of his ears like that. I used to annoy him by playing with it when he laid in my lap!

ajt said...

Linguine is disgusted by all of this.

I think this is my favorite part of the whole post.


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