Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bitter Harvest


I know that everybody has to eat to survive, but it breaks my heart every time a jay is killed in our yard.

It was a big night for predators in our yard last night. In addition to finding this jay, we found the head and tail of a baby possum, as well as a huge pile of barfed-up possum remains. Gross.


Anonymous said...

I am sad for your birds, but at the same time, jealous of your plum harvest. They are beautiful.

greg said...

Sorry to hear that but to even things out: this morning we watched a scrub jay swoop down and take out several 2" tall baby California Quail.
They were so cute (there were about 15 of the little ones with mum & pop) skedaddling all over our driveway when one of our resident Jays took advantage. Ahh, natural selection, it still works. I can't help feeling that the aggressive Jays we have are nasty to the lesser of our native backyard species.



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