Sunday, June 26, 2011

Appearances Can Be Deceiving


Exhausted from kayaking, Robb and I spent a day in the pre-industrial age.

Robb cooked up another human heart.

Oh, wait, no. That's a photo of him making plum-honey wine.

Seriously, we never feast on the hearts of our enemies. Our enemies run far too quickly for us to catch, and anyway, both Robb and I have been vegetarians for decades. (This wine will be ready by Xmas 2012. Talk about Slow Food!)

I scalped another Trustafarian.

Oh wait, no. That's a photo of the freshly-washed baby alpaca fleece, which Annalisa mailed me. I also worked on the alpaca fiber that Edwin sent. Thanks to the generosity of my friends, I'm overwhelmed with luxury fiber.

I finally rediscovered my knitting mojo, and finished the back of my cable-knit sweater. I'm going to make some big changes to the front of this garment. I think that rope-cables are needlessly fussy, and that the sweater needs better thought out shaping.


Anonymous said...

LOL - shoulda been a Halloween posting with all that "gore!"

crazihippichic said...

OMG. That does look like a heart. Made me squeamish. I thought maybe you were performing transplants in your spare time. Nice to see that you are a spinner and knitter.

Christine said...

You guys going to do a "how-to" with the plum honey wine? Some neighbors made some last year and added too much sugar. But it wasn't a problem since they just distilled it into plumka (plum vodka). Alas, my domestic skills have not taken me anywhere near as far. I'll live vicariously through you guys!

DustyKay said...

I'm jealous you can work with alpaca without having to take an allergy pill and wear a dust mask! lol

Stefaneener said...

Sweet cables!!

Hey, I have a baby alpaca fleece to wash and I've put it off for years now. Advice?


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