In case you've been wondering why the blog has been so quiet, it's because I'm drowning in work, and don't have the energy to write about everything.

Last week, we opened a gigantic original gigantic gigantic show at work.

This week, we're opening another not-quite-so-huge show.

And almost everyone at the theater is moving workspaces.

I fear that I'm not going to get all the work done, and then I'll get fired and have to live in a cardboard box on the side of the road.


Anonymous said…
I think that both you and robb are awesome!!!

although your work load is terrible, you will most likely pull it off - again!
Martha said…
Looks like a pretty palatial cardboard box...
Stefaneener said…
Oh, dear. Hang in there.
Meredith said…
Take care of yourself. My sis who is a professional musician has a similar fate around this time of year. I think performing artists have a rough time of it at the holidays. :(

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