Sunday, November 14, 2010

Little things that bring happiness to a weekend.


Robb has been cooped up in the house, ever since he broke his back three weeks ago. He's only left the house for medical appointments. On Friday, he drove himself to the grocery store. He was happy that his car started, since it had been sitting in the driveway for weeks. I think he was pretty happy to have regained some measure of independence. He did admit that he got really exhausted, walking through our tiny local market, and ended up forgetting one of the main things that he wanted to buy. But he did it.

(I may as well admit that the idea of Robb driving so soon after his injury made me very nervous. I'm happy that it all worked out so well. And I'm glad he decided to make his first outing one that was close to home.)

For whatever reason, Robb was never issued a back brace/cast/support device. At this point, he may not even need it. He still cannot stand for more than a few minutes, but he is able to stand, without the orthotic device.

We had several lovely visits with friends this weekend. It was so nice to have company. If I were Robb I'd be going out of my mind from the isolation. Thanks Barbara! Thanks Isabel! Thanks Alex!

Our lemon tree and persimmon are ripening. The beehives are going full-force. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny weekend, and I planted all of the leeks that we ordered. I was gardening right next to the Elizabeth Taylor hive, and was a bit jumpy about working right next to the bees. Two weekends ago, I was planting onions, when I honeybee flew down the back of my pants. Extricating a live bee from one's knickers (without getting stung) leaves quite an impression. Today, I wore gloves, and a beekeeper's veil as I dug. I kept backing into the ferns that grow near the hive, and freaking out when the fronds touched my skin. I was sure that all the bees were attracted to my appalling plumber's crack.

In addition to all the members of the onion family that I've planted over the last few weeks, I planted in some kale, broccoli raab, lettuce, carrots and mustard green seeds. I sprinkled California poppy seeds all over the vegetable garden beds. I hope I don't regret this in a few months.

We're seeing more of our winter birds. The oak titmice and chestnut-backed chickadees are regular visitors to the yard, and yellow-rumped warblers come around as well. It's hard to think of this as autumn, because the temperatures were in the 70s, all weekend.

I'm sure that the beautiful weather was good for Robb's healthy outlook. I know that the cats and I enjoyed the sunshine.


Anonymous said...

how nice to have visitors:) and how nice to have such nice weather:) cardigan and sleeves look both very happy with their lives:)

Christine said...

Well I certainly hope you have room enough for one more visit! Not to mention room for more seeds I'd like to bring over!

Anonymous said...

Plumber's cracks are dead sexy.


Meredith said...

I admire your fortitude, Lisa. I'm not sure I could work right up next to a bee-hive -- especially not with an exposed plumber's crack. ;)

Sounds like the garden is going to be more productive than ever next season, and more lovely. Surely the poppies will reward the risk you've taken!

Anonymous said...

Plumbers crack? Never quite a lady call it that before, (blushing). But I will agree with what Annalisa said about the latter part!


Anonymous said...

I notice that the bee flew down your pants and you remedied this by where a veil.... I hope you did something to help the.... ahem... plumberish situation that probably let the bee fly down in the first place? I'm envious of your weather. My girls are tucked in for the winter and I'm left hoping the make it.

Its also good to hear that Rob is starting to get out some. I'm sure he is relived to get out of the house for even a short time.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Ok, seriously. You were nervous about Robb driving...I actually think I'd have been in the 'freaked out' camp! :P Glad he managed to exercise some independence though, if only because I'm sure it made him feel good. As for bees in your knickers...I have had to extricate one out of my bra after it flew down my I can totally sympathize. I didn't want to hurt the bee, but more importantly, I didn't want to get stung! I'm actually wondering, once we get our hives installed next spring, just how many more bra-bound bees we may have around here!


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