Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh, the Cuteness!


Our little found cat snuggles with his big uncle Cardigan. The found cat still hasn't told us what his name is.

As you can see, we maintain a sort of Open Door Policy for the backyard cats. Cardigan and Sleeves are allowed inside, under supervision.

The little cat is so much healthier than when I found him. His fur is growing back. He's putting on weight.* He has become very playful, and will snuggle when he's not occupied with his Important Kitty task of patrolling the house. He's a fierce warrior in the eternal battle between cats and string.

I finally talked Robb into letting the little cat sleep on the bed, instead of keeping him locked in the bathroom at night. (Robb says, "I think you should add the parenthetical statement 'Robb is mean.' ")

The little cat's back legs are terribly weak, and he cannot jump all the way onto our bed. He can leap onto the futon in the front bedroom, probably because it lacks a box spring mattress. We lift him up onto the bed, and he nestles between our legs.

Linguine is disgusted by all of this.

* I wonder how many people on our block feed Cardigan and Sleeves.
Those boys have turned into Feline Chunks of late.


Anonymous said...

they look so totally adorable together:) but i really do hope the the kittens hind legs will get stronger in time. usually kittens will climb on anything regardless whether it is climbable or not:)

years ago I read about this little brittish cat. his owners were reported for stealing the cat when they moved. eventually it turned out that the cat had adopted another family in the neighbourhood who gave him food and a loving home. however, since the cat also still lived with his owners' no one knew about the other family - until the family who owned him moved. the other family thought they were stealing their cat and took it to court. eventually the first owner - who had had him since he was a kitten was granted sole custody over the cat:)

the other family was not happy with this ruling:)

Anonymous said...

Is that a TNR tip I spy on Cardigan's ear?

Nataline said...

Thanks for the update! I've been checking in often hoping you'd post more photos of the little dude.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Good eye, Eyeteeth!

The two (no longer particularly) feral cats were neutered before we moved into "their" house.

I'm a huge fan of spay/neuter and release programs. When I spent my summers living on a dairy farm in upstate NY, I found a local program for barn cats. Over two summers, and with the farmers' permission, I got twenty cats tested for diseases, vaccinated and fixed.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! And yeah, Cardigan looks about as feral as a rubber ducky.


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