A Moment of Silence


I haven't been in a mood to write of late. My work schedule has been tumultuous, and I've been wrestling with miserable (and out-of-nowhere) food allergies.

Today, we're having a homey day. Even though I cannot currently eat any of the tomatoes that we grew in the garden because of hateful new food allergies, I'm drying and canning them, in the hopes that I'll be able to eat them in the future.

Today is a quiet day, and I'm in the back yard, listening to the local sounds.

A small plane is flying overhead.
Finches are squabbling.
The lilac bushes rustles in the wind.
A raven croaks.
My neighbors' banana bush creaks.
An apple drops from my other neighbors' tree.
A spoon clinks against a bowl.
Dogs bark.
The beehives hum.
A pigeon hoots.
I'm thinking about the silence in the skies, nine years ago.


Anonymous said…
Well written!

With that let us not forget the men and women fighting for our country ever since...my son is one of them. They have never had "silence" ever since.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful post, Lisa. I still can't believe it all happened, and watch all the coverage I can, since I feel today is a day to remember them all. I could mention my friend teaching at the Quaker school in Ramallah in the West bank, who saw people celebrating after the towers were hit, or I could mention my friend who lived in Manhattan who went into very, very early labor because of it. But this all takes away from what happened to those people on 911, who were killed while going about their lives that day. May they rest in peace.


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