Buying Rugs from the Devil (Dingos)


As a birthday gift to Robb, and a huge household splurge, I bought some rugs.

Through Craig's List, I had found a rug collector, who sold rugs under the moniker Devil Dingo Rugs. Randy (the Head Devil) has a staggering assortment of Middle-Eastern rugs, on sale at surprisingly low prices.

He doesn't have a store, so we set up a time to view rugs, and he drove a van-full of rugs over to our house.

He also brought the eponymous Devil Dingos. Cute little Devils, aren't they?

In the end, we bought three hand-made Iranian (Persian) rugs. This one was made by Qashquai weavers, in southwestern Iran. According to Randy, this rug is 40-70 years old, and is a Kazak design, woven in the Fars District, in the Zagros Mountains.

After this month, there's going to be another embargo of imports from Iran, so rugs like this will become more scarce.

We love our new-old rug. So, apparently, does Randy. He admitted that he was very sad to sell this particular rug, and told us that he'd buy it back from us at any time.

And in the immortal words of the Big Lebowski, "It really ties the room together."


Anonymous said…
I think I recognize in the very left hand side of the last photo the round framed mirror we sent you? I think your house looks grand and I'm very fond of it!

I had a chance to buy Persian rugs overseas, and did so for my sister. But I never got one for myself. I try to forget the sweatshops I saw them being made in. (shudder)... doesnt mean we cant appreciate them for the beautiful art they are. Hopefully your cats are declawed!
Your rugs probably came thru Los Angeles (now called Tehran-geles) all throughout the Middle east. Lots and lots of Persian immigramts live in throughout that city now.

greg said…
Wow, it really looks great! The room I mean. When we saw it last it was being scraped. Nice job on the rugs!
John and Diane said…
That's a gorgeous rug and looks great in the room. Our eyes also went to the old TV, it looks very cool. And Linguine looks like she was possessed after your visit from the Devil! What a hilarious shot.
Those are some beautiful rugs! They remind me of the Navajo rugs I fell in love with on my first visit to the Hubbell Trading Post in Ganado, Arizona about 10 years ago. That is, until I found out how much they cost. Yikes! Anyways, the rugs look really excellent in your house. And, btw, your fireplace is da bomb.
Excellent purchase. The room is beautiful!
Carol said…
How quaint... what a great way to buy a rug! It adds so much warmth to the room. Beautiful! Best Birthday wishes! ;>)
Meredith said…
Oh, it does tie the room together. Let's just hope you don't get a visit from some weird guys whose bladders are full. ;)

It's gorgeous, Lisa. I love your taste. Very warm and classy. :)

The dingo devils are cute -- but the kitty with his tongue out is even cuter!
Mel said…
Wow, that is a perfect rug in that room - how fantastic. I LOVE those dogs! And your kitteh of course is fantastic as ever.
Christine said…
wow, what service! he brings the rugs, brings the dogs to keep the cats in line, leaves you with a rug that gives you an excuse to make a big lebowski reference... sheesh! total score!
Rug Appraisals said…
Fantastic choices on the rugs! Beautiful examples, and excellent photographs. The cat must be super happy. Best of luck and keep up the great work
Marissa Dupont said…
I'm getting caught up on your blog again. The photo of Linguine is SO FRIGGIN CUTE!!! :)

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