Friday, July 09, 2010

Visiting an Experimental and Historic Farm


If you've ever eaten a McDonald's french fry, or admired a Shasta daisy, or savored a Santa Rosa plum, you've enjoyed the work of plant developer Luther Burbank. Robb and I will be visiting the site of Gold Ridge, his experimental farm, with the California Rare Fruit Growers on Saturday. We're tagging along on a tour, which is open to the public.

We certainly aren't growing any rare fruit at our place. Yet. Our fruit trees are pretty much the Usual Suspects, which includes the Santa Rosa plum which he developed. I'm not complaining. I'll trade common, mature trees, for exotic twigs any day of the week.

Sorry this is such a dud of a blog entry. I've got a terrible headache and can't focus.

Here's the best Luther Burbank link, ever.


Anonymous said...

We werre going to go to our areas very first garden tour this Saturday. And it rained something awful, which is wonderful, cause the corn is knee high and dried up and brown.


Anonymous said...

What a joy to have mature fruit trees! You may find it interesting to graph pencil sized graphs from other, compatable fruit onto your existing trees. That way you can enjoy different fruits over a longer harvest season without needing a bigger yard. There are many graph exchanges usually held in January or February. Then again, you may not want a Franken-tree! ~hee~
The Mad Hatter(s)

PS hope your headache is long gone by the time you read this!

Gina said...

Pictures! Pictures! We want pictures! :)

By the way, if I'm lucky, I'l be eating the first tiny tomato tomorrow - this thrills me beyond measure. AND I've saved two cucumbers from what I think was a rat chewing on my vine. Ahh, the pleasures of gardening in Baltimore....


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