Friday, February 05, 2010

"Damn! You have good Kung Fu!"


The fence between our yard and Jo and Mandy's has a flat top. This serves as a bird perch, and squirrel highway. Occasionally, I'll put bird seed down on top of the fence, but I'm always careful to place the food inside of the prickly rosebush. I figure that the birds can feed, but the thorny branches will deter the neighbor cats.

I'm probably a fool to believe this.

Last week, the Cardigan Cat spent hours sitting under the rosebush, staring at the fence top. He was quivering with his desire to entice a bird directly into his mouth.

Today, Robb witnessed an example of feline cooperative hunting. The Sleeves Cat had managed to get inside of the branches of the rosebush, and was eyeballing a squirrel walking along the fence top. Out of nowhere, the Cardigan Cat leaped up onto the fence, trapping the squirrel.

Robb told me this story over the phone, and I braced myself for the unpleasant resolution.

But what the cats and I didn't know was that this was Jackie Chan Squirrel. He charged at the Sleeves Cat, at top speed, and catapulted over him. The squirrel landed neatly, on the narrow fence top, and escaped to safety.

The cats, of course, acted totally cool about the whole thing. They were heard to remark, "Oh, we expected that," just before they embarked on twenty minutes of vigorous leg-washing.


Becky said...

Love that picture of the squirrel. It's a full-out rumble out there!

Anonymous said...

If you seriously want to entertain your newly adopted cats as well as the squirrels AND birds, have Robb look up squirrel baffels online and make one for your yard. Trust me on this- watching your local wildlife use this will never get old!


Anonymous said...

looks like a great opportunity to carve a stamp, i love the sticker


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