Wednesday, January 06, 2010

My winter of Colds


I think I have had a cold, pretty much all winter. I've come to the conclusion that our heating system may be part of my problem. After living with steam heat for years and years, our little house is dry.

My scalp is so dry that it bleeds. I cough like an eighty year old smoker, every single morning. It's delightful.

So, we bought the world's noisiest humidifier. (It's going back the the store.) I wanted the one shaped like a penguin, but couldn't find it locally. I put a saucepan of water on our heating grate this morning, and within about ten minutes there were simmering bubbles. We clearly haven't figured out how best to live with this heating system. (And for the record, the thermostat was set to 66 degrees. I guess it's not a subtle system.)

What I really don't understand is the connection between respiratory illnesses and clumsiness and stupidity. Or the freezing cold, sweaty feet.


Martha said...

I was wondering about all the colds. So sorry to hear that you have another one. Soon you'll be able to have warm lemon juice with honey!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Love the penguin humidifier.


Anonymous said...

My friend told me yesterday she had an Amish cold. I asked her what this is...

She told me an Amish cold is when you get a little hoarse, followed by a little buggy.

For some reason this ridiculous joke makes me crack up and laugh over and over. Other people think I'm stupid for finding this funny.

Wear lots of layers to stay warm- (in Michigan I wore thermals for 6 months of the year) and be good to yourself. I thought I had a 4 month cold once and my Doc said I had asthema instead. Can you see your Doctor and find out if anything is amiss?

Tomorrow it is going to be in the low teens during the day, and we have had our barn cats in the house for 1 week now since the water bowl in the barn is frozen solid. The cats are whining and making me crazy. The Mama cat is going into heat again and howling and making us nuts. When we eventually let her out she will probably mate with a polar bear. The barn mice are probably having big frozen celebrations in the hayloft this week.

Is there a sort of vegetarian chicken soup that you could drown yourself in till you get better? Eating broccoli will give you lots of iron now and help you feel better.

Tell Robb I met a guy who makes Mead out of his neighbors bee hive honey.


Anonymous said...

We have the frog and the penguin. The frog is the quieter one. Best humidifiers I've ever found. Bought them at Target.


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