Saturday, December 19, 2009

bûche de noël


We are growing mushrooms! We've already harvested some insanely delicious Shitake Mushrooms, and the Oyster Mushrooms are starting to emerge.

I like to think of our little mushroom farms as non-traditional Yule logs.


Ryan said...

I hope nobody tries to frame you for a murder now that you've provided your fingerprint for everyone! ;o)

Yes, they're out get you. *looking over shoulders* =)

-- Ryan

Mel said...

Wow, so tiny! Where & how do those grow?? So cool!

Anonymous said...

We got hit with what looks to be well over a foot of snow out here, with big snowdrifts a couple of feet deep. The place looks like it was hit with a crazy whipped cream storm! If there are any mushrooms out here they are buried! Once this all melts, the water will head right for our basement, and then I bet you we will be growing the oddest mushrooms possible on all sorts of things down there!

Enjoy your first crop of mushrooms! You can always try to enter them in a local aggie fair there in the fall- mushroom growing is a "growing" attraction at fairs now, and if you eventually grow a lot you can sell them to a local restaurant, if they are rare and tasty enough. I have promised myself one day we would get one of those kits and grow mushroom buttons in the basement. Did you grow yours from a kit?

My 90 year old neighbor told me when she was younger she worked on a mushroom farm, and you can grow an ENTIRE 18 footer truck-load of mushrooms in 1 NIGHT when the conditions are right! Also, they grew theirs on horse manure (no poop from medicated or sick horses was used) so if you get a chance to get a horse manure source, its better for mushroom growing than for compost!

Bon Appetite!

Going to be shoveling for a long, long time today.


Martha said...

Did you buy those cardboard box kits, or are you growing them out of inoculated logs?

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

We bought pre-formed blocks of mushroom spawn.

I can send you one, if you're interested.


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