Friday, November 20, 2009

Wild Robitussin Orgies (or not ... )


The last few weeks have been Useless Lost Weeks. I took the week of my birthday off from work, with the idea that I would get a lot of house painting done. And I promptly over-exerted myself, and screwed up my neck, so that I couldn't look up, or sleep comfortably.

I could and did help out with the sea birds that had been affected by the algae bloom, and even got to release some back to their wild life. (This was a beautiful experience.)

But mostly, I've been stupidly sick with a dismal chest cold. I spent the better part of one week, conked out in a Robitussin haze. Weeks into this cold, I still wake up with totally congested lungs. I hack like a Career Smoker, for most of the morning. And by about six o'clock, I'm headed to bed.

On Sunday, I was invited to a party with Green Day, and what did I do?

I stayed home.


Really sad.





Mama Bear said...

A friend of mine has had one of these chest colds forever. She just found out that it's now pneumonia. Have you been to a doctor to rule that out?

Take care, feel better, Lisa.

Anonymous said...

Invited to a party with Green Day, eh? I hate when that happens.

To me, (I'm not a doctor) you might want to have a short and sweet visit with a doctor and see if you are developing seasonal asthma, which is what I have. It sucks. I'm the only one in my family with it, and changing seasons can trigger it. Also being tired. Also being sick. Also dust from old houses. Also exposure to paints and chemicals. YAY!

Take it slow and easy when working on those old houses. Those beat up old painted ladies can still kick your ass- your house has been around for around a century- it's not going anywhere, so take your time and do it right. Also, pamper yourself every chance you get. Its 3 years now and we finally finished putting insullation into the attic, and Gary is working on re-directing our underground stream of water in the basement. Let's call him Moses. We may indeed need some divine help to fix that particular problem, but for now we are going with caulk, wooden strips and hydro-cement.

Take it easy and rest- Watch the email links I sent you lately- enjoy the arctic seal and the goat ones, ok?


cath said...

Bummer :(
feel better

J said...

I am kicking and screaming for you because you had to miss that. Actually my heart broke a little. Get well soon.


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