Sunday, October 25, 2009

"before" photos


Maybe posting the "before" pictures will get me motivated to increase the pace of house painting.

This is just part of our living room ceiling.

And this is what I like to think of as the ghosts of framed artwork.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous woodwork!

The painting will really dress up the place- now it looks like you are living in an interesting "visual patchwork" abstract type of house!

Good luck to you.


Anonymous said...

Is that a push button light switch? If so that is really cool. My grandmother's house had those and a turn switch too. That house was build in the late 1800's.

ArtGekko said...

I love the ceiling "belly-button." My mom's house used to have one of those until she had to have the ceiling re-done several years ago. I wished it could have been re-placed afterwards, but it wasn't.

Can't wait to see the "after" photos! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! What gorgeous woodwork! You are so lucky it is in such good shape! Ours was clawed and even chewed in many places by the dogs a previous owner abandoned in the house for months.


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