Friday, October 30, 2009

Ahh!... The Digital Age

I came home from the pool today, after having just spoken to Lisa on the phone, to find no Lisa. At first I was sure she had just run out to do an errand.

After an hour, though, wonder turned to confusion. After another hour and no luck reaching her on the phone, confusion turned to concern.

Finally I decided to do some detective work. I looked for clues on Lisa's computer. There was a map showing the extent of this morning's oil spill. I supposed from this that Lisa had gotten the call and was off to the bird rescue center to help. But I wasn't sure. Until, that is, I read the blog. Yes, this blog.

It struck me as typically twenty-first century that dozens, perhaps hundreds of people scattered across the world might have told me where Lisa was likely to be at that moment, when I was only guessing.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd that our local regions determine what we are specifically exposed to?

We are stuck behind combines on the roads, since the corn harvest is going strong out here.

You guys have oil spills to contend with.

If Gary and I still lived in Detroit it would be watching my neighbor's houses burn down on "Devil's night". If we still lived in Baltimore it would probably be watching the rats and homeless people wrestling each other in the back alleys.

Maybe I should start a blog myself to announce my locations, as I lost my cell phone in a field somewhere digging potatoes this fall. If you get a phone call from my cell phone, it will be from some well fed, potato-eating rodent!



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