Thursday, September 17, 2009

American Idiot Opens!


Click here for a local news piece about the opening of Green Day's American Idiot at Berkeley Rep.

I'm not entirely certain that the local reporters who covered this story had much context for Green Day.

Click anyway, you can see some footage from the show, and it's really freakin' awesome. You can finally see images of those forty-foot tall walls that we plastered with punk rock posters.

(I'm waiting to hear if I can share clearer images, yet. This show is a Pretty Big Deal, and we're treating it very carefully.)

Rolling Stone weighs in.
San Jose Mercury News.


Lyn said...

How exciting! I'm impressed with the scenic art I can see in the video.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, I want one of those "Indiana Jones" T-shirts!


Anonymous said...

I'm keeping an eye out for more news about the play!

I'd like to remind your gentle readers that Sept. 19th (Saturday) is Talk like a Pirate Day! ARRRR!

Keep us up to date on your house and your house warming party this Sunday. Wishinmg you good luck and lots of paint!

Annalisa and Gary

Anonymous said...

My mom and I went to see the play the first weekend it opened, about 2 weeks ago. We both really enjoyed it, and my mom even said it was "amazing". The play is awesome! I recommend anyone in the area (or not, we came from Los Banos) to see it while they have a chance. You can tell the amount of careful effort everyone put into it, from the writers, actors, and set design. Just truely an experience that should not be missed. And the age differences among the crowd was really surprising. There were really young people and really old people too : ) But the standing-o proved that everyone truely appreciated it! Good job!
-Jen of MLM

MommaWriter said...

I loved reading the article in the SJ Merc about the show and thinking, "Cool, I 'know' someone who worked on that". Thanks for sharing and making us all feel like we have a connection to your work!



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