Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Neighbors, Old Friends


Today was over 95 degrees, and in case you hadn't guessed, our little 1925 cottage is not air-conditioned. Work was hot and rather miserable. I was on top of a ladder for most of the day, and of course, heat rises. We did hang paper "curtains" on the windows, to cut down on the sun.

Greg and Nicole stopped by for a visit, and brought a delicious and ever-so-appreciated picnic lunch. I just hope that I wasn't completely brain-melted from the heat. I think I may have been really stupid during their visit. (Sorry guys!)

We hadn't seen those two since just after Robb got out of the hospital. At that time, has was wearing a full-torso stabilizing brace, and may have been using a walker. He was also taking an alarming amount of drugs, and was terribly weak.

Things are so much better now.

After Nicole and Greg drove off, some more of our neighbors took the opportunity to introduce themselves. This particular family's father grew up on this block, and both he and his brother bought houses near the house in which they grew up. That's pretty amazing, for transients like me and Robb. (I've lived in six states since I left home.) Our neighbor has been waving at me every night, but it was nice to finally speak.

We continue to enjoy the animal neighbors, as well. Today's "first" was a chickadee, although I'm not sure what type (either black-capped or mountain). We also got to hear some teenaged western scrub jays murmuring to themselves. We're familiar with their raucous "A'ight!" cry, but had never heard them quietly twittering to themselves.

This cat must be disappointed that we've invaded his territory. I've seen him napping in the back yard on several occasions, but today was the first time I didn't scare him away.


LunaSea said...

New neighbor kitty has such pretty blue eyes. And that notched ear gives him quite a rakish look. Handsome devil.

greg said...

We had a great time visiting, hopefully we didn't take too much housework time away. We enjoyed exchanging notes on the home buying process and cannot wait to see the house in months and years to come. You were not stupid!

We look forward to catching up again soon!

--greg & nicole


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