Sunday, August 23, 2009

Backyard Nature


I can already tell that our new home is going to be great for birdwatching. So far, we've seen the usual robins, towhees, scrub jays and pigeons, hummingbirds. We've also seen bushtits, gulls, and turkey vultures. Robb also spotted a Cooper's hawk, which is the bird that hangs out near bird feeders and preys on songbirds. Oh my.

While Robb and I were eating our lunch outside today, a momma squirrel and her little baby came trotting across the top our fence and hung out above us in the big bay tree. The young one was a bit wobbly, and its mom (pictured here) kept a close eye on us.

This is a rather terrible photograph, but a good reminder to me that this particular squirrel has a torn right ear. Maybe I'll see her again some time.


Lausanne said...

What a cute face! This summer I've had a squirrel on my property who has no tail - or just the little nub of one. He's very fat so he seems to be doing well enough without it - though he does move a little differently. He's fun to watch.

momverf said...

Love the pictures! Hooray for your new/old home!
We had a Cooper's Hawk in our yard a few weeks ago. We have an old slice of tree stump that we use as a bench and he had caught a songbird and was using the bench as a lunch table. Horrible to watch and yet fascinating. He defeathered the bird prior to eating it. It was a beautiful hawk! but I felt bad for his lunch!

Anonymous said...

Boy, those little critters don't have a clue that they hit the mother lode with you all moving in. They will love you very shortly!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I recognize that look on the squirrel's face! It's pulling a "Gosh, don't I look so cute! Don't you want to share your lunch with me? Welcome to the neighborhood!"

I think you guys will have dinner guests in your yard for a long, long time! I suggest looking up squirrel baffles to install in the yard- it wont stop them at all, but instead will provide lots of energetic entertainment for all involved- you guys, the squirrels, the CAT. (There are videos of gret ones online). Also watch and make sure your kitty dosent make a meal of your new friend.

I had a local squirrel in Michigan that I eventually trained to run up my shoulder and eat a bit of bread off of it. There is indeed a flea factor, but my squirrel was clean and we had good times and make wonderful photos.


Coriopsis said...

I actually love Squirrels:)

so cute...wonderful photography!


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