Sunday, July 19, 2009

Help us name our team!

Victory Bicycle Ride
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Our fundraising team needs a better name!

We want something that captures our spirit, and that makes people smile.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I'm always partial to Ass Clowns. I get called that A LOT.

Gary and I were going to start our own Amish rock band out here, and call it "We will rock thee".

There are many, many names you can call yourself, and make sure it has a sense of humor to it.

How about the Bikin babes? This works for both genders-

The Cerbral Cycylists? The Mensturatin' Mamas? (Robb may not appreciate that one) The Wacky Wheelies? The Paintin' Patooties? Studio Succubusses? Theater Tooties? The Hot-Flash Hotties?

You could go with a far more "current events" sense of humor and call yourself the Fabulous Foreclosures!

I gotta go with my favorite, the Artsy Fartsies. PLEASE GO with this name! Make the sign that says this name, and wear it front and back- it will give the participants and viewers a grin, as well as give a much needed boost of happy energy.


Anonymous said...


anyone else?

Wisconsin Hiker said...

So who is on the team? That might help focus name suggestions. You & Robb? Others?

Anonymous said...

I told Gary about your naming "issues". He remembers that Robb got a spinal transplant, right?

So go right ahead and call your self the "Spinal Tapperinoes".

Spinal tap? Spinal tap dancers? Spinal tap bikerinoes?


Anonymous said...

I admit I have a warped and twisted sense of humor; oh, how it colors my world. If my suggestions seem offensive or inconsiderate (not intended), I apologize in advance:

(Post) Traumatic Vertebral Amnesia
Spinal Insufficiency

OTOH, Artsy Fartsies is pretty funny...YMMV

Good luck choosing a team name and enjoy the ride.

Anonymous said...

Reinventing the Wheel

--Leah from AQ

Anonymous said...

It might be hard to motivate people to open their hearts and wallets with some of these goofy names.

Anonymous said...

If you want to compel people to sponser the bike group, go with "Catholic Guilt" or "Jewish Guilt".

The conversation in my head goes like this...

OY! HOW could you NOT sponser such hard working bikers! What's the matta wit you? What, you want them to not make some money? Help those kids already, or you will surely go to hell!

Or try ... "Destined to succeed".

I really like that one.

I remember the band called the Motor Morons that used to play in Baltimore in the 1990's- their entire band's instruments was made up of crappy home made instruments that were made from auto parts. I particularly liked the guy who made the sparks fly from the sander out into the audience. My favorite song of theirs was "Get outta the way I got no brakes!" Hows that for a name? That would apply to a bike extravaganza, right?

You might be suprised at who would sponser a kooky name in times like these. People want something to smile about.


Anonymous said...

WAit WAIt!!!

I GOT it- I brake for birdies!


Gina said...

The Squeaky Wheels? (I'm imagining some fantastic bird hats and noisemakers for this one...)

The Wheels of Change?

The Highway Robb-ers? (Again, the costume possibilities are fairly delicious)

Shoulder to the Wheel ("Riding for a change!")

The Spinning Spokes (There's some fiber artist joke here, as well as a geeky math one about the radius and having pi in you....then all your rides have to end with pie in celebration!)

Oh man, clearly it's time I go back to packing....:)

Anonymous said...

They could dress up like flowers and call themselves the petal (pedal) pushers!


Anonymous said...

The Revolution starts...NOW!

The Revolvers

A Spoke in the Eye

Slow Spokes

Anonymous said...

The slug tossers?

You know a lot of people will be scratching their heads over that one!

The Letterboxers?


Anonymous said...

The Try-Cyclists


Anonymous said...

Something along the likes of Spokesmen. Spinal Spokesmen?
Are you/women involved? Then maybe SpokesFolks? (Spokespeople seems awkward.)
Hmm..I guess if you were medical marijuana proponents you could go with SpokesTokes but you might lose some sponsors, like Michael Phelps did. LOL.


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