Thursday, July 02, 2009



Photo courtesy of Antique Home.

I'm putting this question out to all of my painting friends. Do you think you can assign paint colors to this house? If you can find these color from the Benjamin Moore palette, all the better!


Kim said...

A match is almost impossible, working off a web image, as everyone's monitor shows different colors. Just sayin.

Mel said...

I love that house & that combo!
yellow - maybe something between sunburst & sunbeam?
green - something between douglas fir & tequila lime, or margarita.
trim - copper clay? mars red?

ymmv, monitor settings etc.

Wil Leggett said...

I have the wrong box with be today (classic colors) but when I get my hands on the other box, I'd love to take a stab.

I think the red is less orange than copper clay. (one of my favorite b.moore reds!)

Anonymous said...

Hey there, you painting fiend-

If you are considering house paint colors, for perhaps, your own desired future house, I myself would do a bit of research with American Heritage Brand of colors, sold at Lowes. It is where we went to pick the colors for our own house when we decided to paint it according to the colors of the time. Its where they get the colors for Monticello and the white house, as well as all the homes built by the Hearst family.

Of course, some colors we did find in this house (painted in lead paint, of course!) were very odd. The wood trim of doors and windows in the kitchen were a weird matte pale pink and a glossy black, and the walls were a combination of straw/plaster and hand blocked wallpaper. If I were you, I would end up looking at other houses whose colors you admire, and absolutely do NOT over think it, becuase then you will never make a decision. Think what colors may look good to you at Xmas, with lights on the house, since our first year was a delight as we played "dress up" with the house for our first holidays!


Anonymous said...

P.S.- Some friends of ours in Detroit lived at 1776 Whatever Street, and their house was painted red, white and blue. I do not recommend that color choice. It looked garish, to say the least.


Music Woman said...

Hey Lisa!

My hubby bought a book which I think was called Bungalow Colors. It had many different combos for painting the exterior of your bungalow! We used this book, and others when picking out colors for our house, but ended up being trapped by the vinyl siding colors instead :-(

Anonymous said...

My expert opinion on the colors:

"Green", "Yellowish", and "A sort of Brown".

Hope that helps!

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Oh Kim...I know, I know....

Anonymous said...

Okay - here's my vote:

Color Preview:
pear green
yellow rain coat
hot apple spice

Classic Colors:
candy green
spanish red


Anonymous said...

Those colors would look great in CA, not so much on my street in the midwest. My bungalow colors are Mockingbird (body), Keystone Grey (trim), Renard (brackets) and a white around the windows - from the Sherwin-Williams color box (of old). If you want to see a picture, AQ mail me and I'll send you to my Facebook page where you can see it.


Tonya said...

Key lime Pie
Caribean Sunset


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