Saturday, June 06, 2009

What's Shakin' ?


Apparently, neither Robb nor I can tell the difference between a 3.2 magnitude earthquake and a little black cat, playing with a fake mouse.

We often think that we're experiencing an earthquake, but then realize that the sofa is being shaken by Linguine, enthusiastically scratching her ears.

Today, we actually did have an earthquake. I didn't notice it at all. And Robb dismissed the shaking plants and rumbling as something that must have been caused by the cat.

Are we totally hopeless?

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Anonymous said...

Our pregnant kitty has been wolfing(or catting) down a LOT of food lately. Jeeze, 2 big bowls of high quality dry food and a full can of tuna fish a DAY didnt stop her from catching two really large mice or baby rats in the compost today and eating them like she was starved. I dont know what she is going to give birth to anymore, kittens or eternal eating machines. I can say for sure, however, their mama is one magnificant hunter! What ever she catches she brings to us alive, and then with a shake of her head, she snaps its neck and kills it. Then we congradulate her on her prowness, and she parades the catch around for about an hour. Then I sneak it away from her and bury it under a rock in back of the barn. At this rate, we are gonna need more rocks!

Does your kitty ever catch mice and then leave them on Robb's pillow when he is stuck in bed? Cause I gotta say, that would be gross.


Kellyann Brown said...

One of my kitties left a HUGE brown rat next to where I was sleeping. What really grossed me out was that I got up at least once during the night to use the restroom...and I COULD HAVE, well, never mind.

I'm usually pretty strong, but I was completely undone by this big thing. Dr. R. was out of town and I finally had to ask my neighbor to come and move the body for me (I had the shovel and a bag all prepared, but just couldn't make myself....).

I guess I am not the person to call if you need a dead body moved.

gollygee said...

No, you're not hopeless at all. :D I would've done the same thing in your situation! The house we're moving into is really old so I'm sure I'll be immune to earthquake-shaking very soon. :D


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