Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Foot Energy...or something


Robb and I did more walking than usual this weekend. We walked all over the rocks on our tidepooling excursion Saturday morning. On Sunday, we went for a walk in the woods. Both walks involved some tricky balancing on difficult surfaces.

On Monday, Robb went to the pool to do his usual workout. He was doing foot exercises, when his foot went into spasm and got stuck, mid-flex.

When Robb told me about this, he was laughing about how his toes were stubbornly pointed skyward, and how he could not unbend his ankle. It is, I suppose, perversely funny that the act of exercising his feet causes so much trouble. I'm glad Robb can laugh about this, because there's nothing to be gained by either panicking, getting angry, or deciding to stop walking.

The following day, though, he came home from cycling full of energy and excited about how much faster than usual he was able to pedal. Is it the benefit of varied exercise? Who knows? Maybe it just underlines the importance of staying active.

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Anonymous said...

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