Monday, May 11, 2009

Stunt Men


One of the great pleasures of my job is working with my interns. This year's delightful intern, Mike, is moving on to new adventures, and will be leaving the Bay Area to design two shows this summer in Montana.

Robb, Mike and I decided to spend a valedictory day in Point Reyes. The sun was glorious, and the wind was strong enough to bring out my stunt kite. Robb's balance has improved so much! I think the fact that we were flying kites on sand instead of the squirrel-hole-riddled meadows in Berkeley really helped him out. Even if we fell flat on our backs (which we all did), the landings weren't so bad.

Days like this make me truly happy, because I can see how far Robb has come since his spinal cord injury. (Remember how amused I was that Robb's therapist specifically took him out to walk on sandy beaches?)

Will Robb be hurting on Monday and Tuesday? Probably.

Will it have been worth it? I hope so.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear you guys are kite carzy! I love kites!
If I had a kite big enough to fly me off the face of the earth, I would make sure it dropped me off right over a big mountain of money.

While you got to listen to the waves crashing on the beach, I am hearing a symphony of hammers on the house, which we are currently having re-sided for 3 days by the local Amish. Making lots of food to feed everybody.

Its still wet and cold. Gary's mom is here and so we are planning on going to a local potato chip factory tour. We are eating our way through this week. Also going to try to put in a garden. You are lucky you guys have year round gardening, but I think it would kill me if I tried to put in a garden 3 times a year.


mamakin said...

Hello Robb & Lisa,
I found this site through Ravelry & have read every entry-true & I must have a big L on my forehead by now. I found Lisa in Rav which got me to check out her blog which got me to see a picture of hardware that looked like mine - that hooked me, I had to read what this was about. I had a car accident in 2000. Between 2000 & 2005 I had 5 surgeries, 2 spinal, a laporoscopy & then the hardware 7 months later-L4,L5,S1. I was doing pretty well & had another accident-stupid & seemingly not a big deal. I'd broken an 'extra' bone in my foot & had a bad sprain,was put in a boot & w/c & after awhile had PT. My foot got worse. Because the foot got worse, the movement got worse so I went from w/c to walker
( with w/c for longer trips) to cane, to walker, to wheeler walker with seat so I could rest etc. I finally got diagnosed with RSD/CRPS & started with a variety of treatments for that, but my back has gotten much worse since the foot injury threw that way out. So, while I need to exercise, I need to lay on my back a lot. Now I'm awaiting clearance for an implant for the leg & back & hope to be mobile again. Workers comp here doesn't seem as angelic as they seem in Oakland. I love hearing about Robb's progress. He's an inspiration. So are you Lisa. I love your blog entries, your garden & its snail population (I recommend tagging their shells with bright red nail polish dots & if they come back get someone to do a study on snail migratory patterns-they're doing studies for dumber things than that lol) Your photos are amazing & I don't see why you don't submit them to a gallery,wildlife magazines,birder mags,Audubon,garden,flower & whatever 'come to Ca' brochure that's out there. You have such an eye for the beauty in every day life. As for a couple, well I don't think I've ever seen one so devoted to each other, & the love shows through. My husband just told me that he really didn't get my being in so much pain after my first accident. He said he gets it now. I found that to be such an interesting statement since I spent almost 5 years almost always in bed with PT coming to the home & my being in & out of hospitals for surgery. He says he gets it now. I think it's because you can't see blood. If you're bleeding people know something's wrong. If you're not, there's nothing to show to say you're in pain, especially if you're trying to do the best you can to feel like you once did. This time seems to me to be so different even if I'm in pain all the time just like before - I don't know what clicked for him. My kids certainly got it in one. I'm looking forward to doing things other than read,watch movies & knit. I want my old life back where I taught my kids to cartwheel,dance,golf,ride bikes. It'll come - maybe not golf but who knows. Till then, Robb's an inspiration & you're a wonder. I wish I lived in Oakland, it seems to have many resources we don't. The recumbent bike is seriously a thing to be admired. With my limitations, I've always wondered how he gets on it & gets up from it, I keep looking at it & wondering if I could get down & up but I haven't found a place to try it to find out. Then I tell myself that after the implant I may be able to ride my regular bike even if it's up & down the driveway(it's about 100yds long my DH tells me).So, here's to healing, those who help us heal & support us, to biking of any kind, to cats who get us,& to knitting when we can!


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