Post-Holiday Blues


Robb and I happened upon this napping Cormorant whilst cycling on Sunday afternoon. I took a lot of uninteresting photos of him, dead asleep. And then, he yawned, shook out his feathers, and resumed his nap.

I certainly had no idea that the inside of a Cormorant's mouth was such a splendid shade of blue! I wonder if this color lasts year round, or is in place only during breeding season? This is a Double-Crested Cormorant, named after his tufts that look a bit like false eyelashes. Not surprisingly, he only wears those long enough to attract a mate.

I hope you all had a love holiday weekend, and that you're re-energized for whatever you need to be doing.


Anonymous said…
Cormorants consider long bushy eyebrows an attractive feature in a mate?

Look out, Andy Rooney
Anonymous said…
I used to see cormorants in Michigan all the time. I didnt know they were such a far-ranging bird!

By the way, the Powerball lottery in the East Coast (Pennsylvania, anyway) is up to almost 200 million. I urge your East Coast readers to go buy a ticket. If you win, thats a LOT of birdseed money!

Syndee said…
Gearing up for another round of chemo, I find myself waking at 3 am, toss and turn for an hour in bed, and then make my way to the computer.

Something about being up this early is mind-altering. I was wondering about the lawn at the neighbors in your building. Remember how they covered it up at night, and wasn't there some sort of r2d3 robot hanging around there. Whatever happened to this?
Anonymous said…
Hey Syndee- sorry to hear about the chemo treatment, yet glad to know you are getting it at the same time. Wish they had today's advanced treatments 30 years ago when my Dad had it, so you are pretty lucky, in my opinion. Stay positive!

My theory about the lawn-covering neighbors has quite a bit to do with the space alien hidden in a time capsule in the backyard and how blocking all sunlight masks the implant buried deep in the alien's brain (activated by sunlight which in turn broadcasts a homing beacon to it's home planet), but I can't find any proof of this. My repeated cell phone calls to the X-files gets me nothing except a stern warning from the US Government to cease all contact with them, so I know I'm on the right track!

I think the robot was a warning system in case the alien would actually escape.

Pesky Aliens! Wonder if they will pay for my cell phone bills?

By the way Lisa and Robb, I have also wondered about this weird behavior, so why don't you just go over there already and ask them why they did this to their yard? Inquiring (and deranged) minds want to know!


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