"Those corpses won't be chopping themselves up."


Styrofoam "stone" walls.

Plus all sorts of texture and "dirt."

Equals an idyllic Irish cottage.

But not for long. And, yes, they dismember "dead bodies" on stage every night.


Kaaren said…
Holy Blood! What kind of play is this, exactly??
Jane said…
Sten said…
Wow! The costume designer next to me is totally freaking out.
Is that Ms. Bernstein, or another costume designer?
Anonymous said…
Where is Annalisa and her zombie commentary?
Wisconsin Hiker said…
Defintely looks like a Martin McDonagh play. We've seen The Leenane Trilogy, but not this play.
Wow! AWESOME! I'm totally twitterpated by your talents!
Anonymous said…
How in the world do they get that all cleaned up each night?
-Mama Bear
Anonymous said…
Annalisa is finally here with my Zombie commentary-

Sorry I didnt blog earlier, I was busy digging something up... er, chopping up something... er..

I WAS BUSY MAKING COOKIES! A totally innocent activity, ok guys ? It's just not my fault that when I do that I have bits of unidentifiable protein/flesh matter splattered all over the walls! I would say that the last photo you have featured on this entry of your blog really screams some sort of warped Martha Stewart/Ed Gein type of home decor.

By the way, I really really love Zombies. Heh heh. Hmm- they taste good with a nice bit of home brewed beer, right Robb?

Along the lines of a bloody kitchen environment, we did indeed finally get our half of an Black Angus Beef steer, and spent a large portion of Saturday wrapping it up and putting it in it's new home in the coffin freezer we have in the basement- we now have meat for about 1,000 years.


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