Friday, April 24, 2009

the shift of the seasons


Out of nowhere, goldfinches have appeared in my tiny urban garden. I'm particularly delighted, because I think of these birds as rural animals, and love seeing them in the middle of the roughest part of a city.

I wonder if they are migrating through, or will stick around for the summer?


Anonymous said...

Hello little birdie!

That is what I always think when I see these little birds, and then I realize it also said it out loud and sounded like an idiot to my neighbors.

I like the birds, and they like my garden. I need to attract some wrens to eat all the aphids I know are scoping out my future garden right this very moment.

Here's hoping your birds and your garden have a good year.


cath said...

I don't know if you've got the same kind, but the ones near us change color. They are grayish in the winter. Then in the spring they turn all yellow again. I'm not sure if they migrate. We just saw our first yellow one at the bird feeder last weekend.

These birds make me think of the golden snitch.

Kay/The Little Foxes said...

They aren't migratory in our neck of the woods (western NC) but they seem to come and go - probably because of the coloring change. Locally, the old timers call them "lettuce birds" - because you always see them in the garden, eating the lettuce that's too far gone. They are a very jolly sight - bright yellow birds in the bright green lettuce!

Anonymous said...

They've come as our migrant white- and golden-crowned sparrow migrants have just moved north after spending
the winter with us!

Yosemite MJD

lli said...

They stick around all winter in Pittsburgh. They change color about the same time the forsythias come out. Bright yellow against drab brown means winter's just about over! I see them in the early summer as well, but by then they are blending in with the new leaves.

The ones here have a song that sounds like a dog's squeaky toy.


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