Tuesday, April 07, 2009

On the Street Where We Live


We live in a city. It's not very urban looking in our particular neighborhood but there's nothing nearby anyone would call "the woods." Which is why, when I heard a raucous gobble outside my window just now, I assumed it was a strange little dog and not a wild turkey walking down the sidewalk. But, of course, that's exactly what it was.

Apparently this guy attracted the attention of the local authorities. There was a City of Oakland car keeping pace with him down our block while the driver stayed on the phone, no doubt awaiting instructions on what he was supposed to do.


Anonymous said...

Hm, escaping from a future thanksgiving dinner, no doubt!

They make really good "watch dogs", so maybe they escaped from some one's local, high security, paranoia-stoked home.

Also, they taste like turkey.


Gina said...


I LOVE your neighborhood! Hey did you ever figure out what was happening with the neighbors and their quilts?

Sue KuKu said...

Really? I thought they tasted just like chicken!


gollygee said...

Wild turkies are so dumb. That poor guy will be following it for HOURS. :D

Also, that tree to the right of the truck looks like a funny tiki man with a white mustache! Looks like he's smirking at the turkey. :)

Anonymous said...

I think wild turkeys are fairly intelligent.

Domesticated turkeys on the other hand, have had all their brains bred out of them by us humans.

Damn, we're awesome.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about this photo, Lisa. I think you should keep this photo listed along with all your other birding photos!


Gina said...

My father often speaks about the domesticated turkeys on his aunt's farm that were so stupid that one of them drowned in the rain trying to drink the water as it came down out of the sky....the wild ones were MUCH smarter. NOt sure if his story was a Texas Tall Tale or not, but all of his aunts and uncles validated it!

I'm imagining your friend was enjoying the attention and strutting his stuff for the cameras!

Anonymous said...

Along the line of dumb bird stories-

At Cranbrook Art Academy where I went to Grad school- the pond and grounds they had there were lovely. The 2 swans they had shipped in each year to look "lovely and artistic" on the water would actually freeze in the ice each late fall, and we would have to go out in canoes, and literally break the ice with an axe to get the BIG BIG CRANKY FROZEN swans out of the water, wrestle them into the canoe (weirdest work study job I ever had) and bring them back to shore to get "thawed out and shipped" back to some "professional swan retirement home" in Florida for the winter.

How's that for a dumb bird story? Of course, the birds would just have to float around and look pretty and total strangers would feed them every day, so maybe they werent so dumb after all...

Oh, and those big ass, pretty, pretty birds? THEY BITE.


Kellyann Brown said...

There are flocks of wild turkeys at the San Antonio Adobe Park in the South Bay. It's really freaky to see and hear a whole flock of them. When I lived in Albany, I would sit out on my balcony on Kains and see HUGE raccoons run by at a gallop... at 2 or 3 in the morning. I wouldn't have wanted to meet those raccoons face-to-face!!


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