Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day


Take a moment, today, to appreciate the amazing fact of our planet, the fact that it sustains life for so many diverse life forms.

We've just got one planet to call our home.

So don't be selfish, and wasteful, and don't crap it up.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of crap, I got a lot of stuff to put into my compost this week- donations of manure, old cardboard boxes, crab shells from the local seafood joint in town...

It's all good- what is crap to others becomes primo compost for me, and turns into award-winning garden produce, which in turn wins me money at the state fair come fall. So, today's lesson is-

Thar's money in them thar hills of crap!

Lisa- you still need to tell me if you want a gourd birdhouse!


Kristen said...

speaking of compost, i've been scraping rotten wood out of the aircraft elevator deck on the Intrepid and wow, even a few years worth of neglect on this wood and it is primo potting soil. it's a shame there's so much lead paint on the boat or i'd bring it home and plant tomatoes in it.

Anonymous said...

hey kristen-

I got news for you- you CAN take that stuff home and use it as compost, just only plant sunflowers in it. Do this for 3 years and all the lead will be removed from that wood-compost material. Take all the stalks and roots out of the garden at the end of the year and put in the trash, the lead is drawn up from the soil and is trapped in the plant itself, use the seeds to feed birds, but not fellow humans. After 3 years the soil is all good and all clean. The city of Detroit uses this technique to clean a century of heavy metals out of their soil (heavy auto industry town, or at least used to be) and now grows dwarf sunflowers on the side of many highways.

I can say with all honesty, this is the only thing I miss about Detroit.


TaylorM said...

What a beautiful frog!


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