Monday, February 02, 2009

Lady, you should get your head examined!


Kaiju 34
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Robb has been teasing me that I've been jealous of all the attention he gets, and that I want to have conversations where I talk about "my neurologist."

I dunno about that.

Tomorrow, I'm going to get my head examined to see if anyone can figure out what triggered last Friday's weird-oh episode. I'm going in for a computed tomography (or ct) scan. "Tomography" is a pretty cool word, derived from the Greek word tomos, meaning "slice" and graphein, meaning "to write." If you've seen one of these scans, they are three dimensional images of the body, assembled one layer (or slice) at a time. I could do without the dose of radiation, but I'm sort of excited to see inside my own noggin.

This picture doesn't have much to to with anything, except that I found it while looking for historical images of the anatomy of the head.

Right after I graduated from college, my mother decided that I was obsessed with Godzilla, and bought me more Godzilla nick-nackery than you could shake a stick at. For the record, I am not obsessed with Godzilla. I have never been obsessed with Godzilla, and I have no idea where my mother got this idea. It was all very embarrassing, having to tell her to stop buying me this stuff. I was really broke at the time, and it was horrible to think of all that money being spent on plastic Godzilla crap when I genuinely needed shoes without holes in them.


Gina said...

Good luck today! Love you very, very much and have been thinking about you...

jackbear said...

Want to join the Godzilla postal ring?

Just teasin'. Good luck at your appointment.

gollygee said...

Good luck at the appointment! I really hope nothing's wrong.

Also, I saw this picture on the BBC today and thought you'd like to see it!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it was the pun on your name- lazar-lizard type of ceberal connection she was making.

I would like to have a brain scan done of myself, if only to confirm that i do indeed have one.

You cant tell me you dont have a tiny Godzilla living inside your brain, I suspect I have one as well, and it takes over when some SOB cuts me of in traffic. THEN my inner godzilla erupts out of my and makes me want to swat and stomp to kill.

But, really, I'm a most gentle person. Heh Heh...

PS - Its time to enter a submission for an art car for this year's Baltimore Artscape already!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck today! With that title and your locaiton, I thought perhaps you were giving some commentary on the lovely young woman who just gave birth to octuplets.

The Wandering B's

K said...

I know this is an older post, but I hope all is well with your neurological episodes!

I had a rough day today, and you are so uplifting to me! Reading your blog always makes me feel better. I leave feeling more curious about my world, inspired. Thank you for that.

So that picture of Godzilla you posted? By the brain, in Japanese, it says, "Brain (not very big)". After a day like today, for some reason that made me laugh. So thanks for that. And thanks for this lovely blog.

Your fellow letterboxer and imaginary friend,



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