Wednesday, January 07, 2009



Have you ever seen a dog sleeping, with its legs twitching furiously? I always described those dogs as chasing dream rabbits. Since Robb's accident and paralysis, he often has episodes of "rabbit chasing." I'll wake up, because his legs are twitching so hard. Robb usually sleeps through all this.

For years, Robb insisted that he didn't dream. I eventually convinced him that he just didn't remember his dreams. Everyone has to dream, right?

Last week, Robb told me about a strange dream he had had.

In his dream he was leaping and bounding around, which he said was odd because he doesn't tend to dream about things he can't do. (I, on the other hand, spend a lot of time flying, swimming without having to breathe, and having obsessive "inventory" dreams.)

In his dream, he thought "oh man, I'm going to be sore from all this bounding around."

When he told me about this, he thought the dream sprung from the fact that he had adjusted the pedals on his trike, to increase the difficulty of cycling. He had made things so much more challenging, that he was only able to do 1/20 of his normal workout.

Robb thought that the increased strain on his legs was causing his damaged neurons to fire off a lot of neurological "static" as he slept. His legs were probably twitching up a storm.

Me? I think the dream was inspired by the fact that earlier that evening we had been giggling over this video.


knitica said...

Hmm, last night Dutch and Pepper were dreaming that they were being chased!

MommaWriter said...

LOL! Maybe it's a combination of those things, but I think I'm with you, Lisa. Watching Boundin' could do that to a person!

Stacey (WyndRyders)

Anonymous said...

I too, have been having dreams lately. When I was in Wyoming going thru stuff, (and even when I came back) I was dreaming about an unending mountian of boxes that I was trying to sort thru in a dark room. Ooohh, creepy, and very close to the truth. I remember seeing this video several years ago, and it was wonderful seeing it again. Thank you!

I especially love the jackalope, I wish I had a barnful!

They are very tasty as well, I had it when I was in Wyoming. They are actually so popular they are served at the local McDonalds!



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