Saturday, November 29, 2008

To the Fair!


Does anyone want to join us at the Oakland Fungus Fair, next weekend? it is also the closing weekend of the always-wonderful Dias de la Muertos exhibit at the Oakland Museum.

We went a few years ago with Cara and Hunter, who seemed to appreciate the art more than the spores. I, of course, totally geeked out over the mushroom dyeing.

These are Shaggy Mane (Ink Cap) mushrooms that we spotted whilst walking on Friday. The black stuff around the edges is where the mushrooms are auto-digesting. Seems appropriate for the day after Thanksgiving.


webfoot said...

Did you take any of the Shaggy Manes home with you for dinner? They're delicious!! They were my absolute favorite when I was a child. :)

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

There weren't any that weren't auto-digesting, so I let them be.

But I would be interested to hear how to cook them!

Anonymous said...

You should exhibit the photos of the fungus you took in France!

Do they have a mushroom tasting contest? Can anyone bring in samples? Is there a "dare" factor when it comes to sampling mystery mushrooms?



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